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N spina (10 mm cavo)

Connettore N maschio per Ecoflex-10 Plus HEATEX

per cavo
Ecoflex-10 Plus Heatex; Hyperflex 10; RG-213 FOAM; RG-213/UBX; Seatex-10; Ultraflex 10; Airborne 10; Aircom Premium; Ecoflex-10; Ecoflex-10 Plus


N connectors are among the most commonly used connectors in radio technology, they are available for practically all cables. The advantage is their robustness and easy assembly without special tools (except crimp plugs). N connectors are largely watertight when correctly assembled. The N-connectors offered by us are nickel-plated and have a gold-plated inner conductor.

So-called RP-N plugs are occasionally used in the WiFi area. RP stands for Reverse Polarity, i.e. the inner conductor has a reversed polarity. Instead of a pin you will find a cup and vice versa. As a result, the terms plug and socket are somewhat confused – usually everything with an external thread is called a socket, everything with an internal thread is called a plug, regardless of what the inner conductor looks like.

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